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Why you should consider a career with Meridian Property Appraisers.


Are you a military veteran considering a career in real estate appraisal? Real estate appraisers provide opinions

of value that can be used for mortgage lending, property tax appeal, litigation support, estate planning, and insurance, among other purposes.

There are many benefits to becoming an appraiser, check out a few below

1. Work on Your Own Schedule

Appraisers have the independence and flexibility to plan their work schedules.

2. State of the Art Technology

Successful appraisers will make use of the latest in technology.

3. Earn a Good Wage

Wages are typically based on the number of appraisals performed. More appraisals equals more money.

4. Your Job is Necessary 

Appraisers are an integral part of the real estate market.

5. Good Job Outlook

Outlook for the appraisal profession shows there will be continued demand.

6. Interested in Real Estate 

Provides an opportunity to study market transactions, inspect properties, and develop opinions of value.

7. Active Work Environment

Appraisers do not work at a desks every day. Appraisers interact with others, including property owners, buyers, real estate agents, brokers, and other appraisers. When not at an appointment, many appraisers have the flexibility to work from their home offices.

8. Networking Opportunities

There are several professional associates that offer educational programs and host social networking opportunities.

9. Online Education

There are many online educational programs available that provide flexibility to obtain education. Traditional classroom opportunities are also widely available.

Interested in joining the Meridian Property Appraisers team?

Want to know more about how to join the team? Click the button to fill out a few questions and we'll reach back out to you with some more information. 

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