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Accurate. Confidential. Professional.

You can depend on Meridian Property Appraisers

Your Trusted Appraisal Service

Meridian's appraisal process is quick and simple. We make the entire process efficient as

possible so we can be in and out before you even know it.

What's an Appraisal

When you need to know the value of a property, you need an expert. Find out about the appraisal process.

Join Our Team

Interested in joining our appraisal team? Reach out and we will tell you how we can achieve our goals together.  

Order Online

Need an appraisal now? Order securely online for an accurate, reliable appraisal to fit your specific needs.

The Meridian Difference

in the Tampa Bay and the Denver Metro Areas.

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Receive Order

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Inspect Property

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Compile/Analyze Data

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of Value

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Veterans join our team.

Are you a military veteran considering a career in real estate appraisal? Real estate appraisers provide opinions of value that can be used for mortgage lending, property tax appeal, litigation support, estate planning, and insurance, among other purposes. Want to learn more? 

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